The Four Types of Believers: What type are you and do you see parts of yourself in them all?

As we celebrated the Passover Seder this year, I came to the part where we talked about how the Torah commands us four times to teach our children about the Exodus from Egypt in which this suggests there are four kinds of children who each learn and view life in different ways. After hosting numerous public Passover Seders over the years I am now beginning to understand more about this part of the Passover tradition.

So let us take a look at each of the types but instead of using the term “child” or “Son”, let us use the term “Believer”:

1. The Wise Believer – wonders why we practice the Biblical customs (especially from a Jewish perspective). The wise believer asks the question as to what does this mean for us, how it applies to us today
2. The Defiant Believer – wants no part of the Biblical customs (especially from a Jewish perspective) and asks why others (not themselves) practice them, argumentative and quick to challenge you with no true desire for understanding. This believer spurns his Biblical heritage (whether their spiritual heritage and/or their Jewish heritage if they are Jews / Hebrew) and acts like a stranger during any of the practices and teachings. They either outright not participate or only participate until they lose interest and become disruptive (talking during the teaching, rolling their eyes and giggling, trying to get others to join in with them, etc.) and / or go home early. We admonish this believer to wake up, to appreciate who they are and be grateful as a believer in Messiah Yeshua and what it is to be a follower (to follow a teacher, a leader and live as best as one can by their example) of Yeshua the Messiah
3. The Simple Believer – wants to know just the bare basics (the bare minimum) to what is right in order to please both G-d and others as they should and desire very little more. We are to take the time with them to help them to grasp the significance of the traditions and help them to appreciate their identity as a believer and follower of Yeshua
4. The Believer who doesn’t know enough on what to ask – this is a very young believer and follower of Yeshua and we are to be encouraged to entertain them and carry them through the practices and teachings of the traditions of the believers and as what it is to be followers of Yeshua (honoring His Jewish culture and the traditions He participated in)

Summary: Understanding how to identify with the Four Believers within ourselves and within others who are followers of Yeshua so we can commend and encourage each other in remembering the Jewish Roots of our Biblical Judaism and Christian faith. We must continue to encourage all believers in Yeshua to study Torah and respect the Jewish way of life for if we neglect this we have failed in our responsibility to our heritage and obtaining a truly basic understanding of the lifestyle and values taught to us in the Bible.

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